Amazing Video of an Incredible Mother Dog Teaches Her Pups To Be Disciplined and Patient


The video from 2019 of the mama Golden Retriever teaching her seven puppies patience is absolutely wonderful to watch.

A couple of Golden Retriever dog breeders from Deutsch Haslau, Austria, captured some fantastic footage in their ‘Sent from Heaven’ kennel, which housed a mother dog and her 8-week-old puppies. When their mama walked over, the little babies seemed overjoyed. They were antsy as they waited for her to feed them. 

(Courtesy of ViralHog)

The mother dog, on the other hand, had a better plan. She wanted to teach her puppies patience and discipline. She placed her puppies in various locations on the floor and waited for them to calm down. The mother would warn anyone who stood up and barked. 

(Courtesy of ViralHog)

All her babies eventually followed her lead and lied down quietly on the ground. 

(Courtesy of ViralHog)

It was at this point that the mother decided they’d learned their lesson and rewarded them with her milk.

(Courtesy of ViralHog)

The beautiful video was then shared on the internet, receiving a lot of attention from viewers. Everyone was surprised by how fascinating the footage was, particularly the dog’s unbelievable behavior and reaction, and they hope to have their pets use the method as much as possible.


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