Devoted Volunteers Rescue of a Semi-Blind Horse Falling Down and Trapped in a Hole


A horse in distress was rescued by some nice people after her half body was stuck underground for 3 hours in a touching video from 2019.

Nittaya Limalai, then 50, of Nonthaburi, central Thailand, let five of her horses graze in a field one evening. Bod, her 6-year-old mare, did not realize there was a broken drainage cover and fell into it. Her left eye was blind, making it difficult for her to see anything.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

Nittaya became terrified. She tried to pull Bod up, but she was too heavy, and her fear caused her to sink deeper into the hole. The owner then contacted a local rescue foundation for assistance.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

Some volunteer rescuers rushed in. One of them tried to calm the poor horse down, while others smashed the concrete and widened the hole with a pneumatic drill.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

The men wrapped a long cloth around the mare’s body and used a digger to lift her up. Bod also attempted to drag herself out of the 5-foot-deep sewer with all of her strength.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

Finally, everyone succeeded in rescuing the horse from the trap. However, she was still shaking for a while after the horrifying experience.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

Nittaya approached Bod gently and led her home. She also made sure to pay closer attention to her horses so that it wouldn’t happen again.

The horse was safely drawn away from danger and reunited with her owner thanks to the kindness of the volunteers.


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