Father Shares Amazing Trick To Help Stop Daughter From Crying and It Goes Viral


One father of three from the Bay Area in California has an impressive parenting trick to share with the world, proving that reverse psychology works. Just as his 6-year-old daughter began having a fit, and her younger sister was about to join in by turning on the tears, he turns the tables on both of them.

The father recorded the funny moment on May 19, 2019, and it was shared online shortly thereafter. “I figured it out with one of my daughters a long time ago,” the dad added, explaining the root of the gag. “Works every single time!”

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Viewers were bowled over by the efficacy of the simple game. “Perfect example of reverse psychology in action,” wrote one fan.

“Used to do something similar with my family at the dinner table,” added another, in solidarity. “If the kids would cry we would all start crying. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Auntie … it would totally throw them off and generally quell the tears. Plus, it was fun.”

©Video screenshot | Newsflare

Another viewer lent a humorous perspective. “Instructions unclear,” they joked, “got a black eye from my 24-year-old son.”

Others were a little concerned that the baby girl needed space to cry. “Sadness and crying are not a game,” added the voice of opposition. “Let your children develop healthy social and emotional skills, so that they grow up to be sympathetic individuals.”

What do you think? Is it a harmless trick to alleviate some of the pressure of parenting? Or is it a coercive ploy that will stymie a child’s emotional development?

This wasn’t the first time the parenting ploy has worked, though. In April of 2019, a dad from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Russell Hawes, took a video of his baby son Azio, who was crying, and left the child stunned and speechless when the father began “fake crying.” The video garnered major media attention.

Hawes told Fox 26 that baby Azio was always held, so being put down “for all of 10 seconds” while Hawes changed his shirt was just too much for the tiny tot. Out came the waterworks.

“I just chose to fight back this day with a little humor,” Hawes told the news channel. “I didn’t expect that reaction from him; it was priceless.”

Two years previously, another dad’s parenting gimmick had gone viral, but this one was a little different. San Diego-based motivational speaker Daniel Eisenman was streaming live on Facebook from his bed, next to his baby daughter Divina, who had started crying.

Eisenman, however, took an even more unconventional approach when he began chanting a long, gentle “om.” Within just two seconds, according to Daily Mail, the baby girl relaxed and the tears ceased. Eisenman’s viewers were blown away.

Would you try a little reverse psychology if you thought it would work? Share these fun, thought-provoking videos if you know a frazzled parent who would get a kick out of them!


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