Heart-Stopping Moment of a Devoted Owner Reviving a Newborn Husky That Was Not Breathing


The heartfelt video from 2018 of a husky puppy, who stopped breathing after birth and was thankfully resurrected by his compassionate owner, was intense for everyone to watch.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

In Samut Sakhon, central Thailand, a then five-year-old mother dog named Brownie gave birth to her six puppies. However, one of the weakest baby dogs was not breathing or moving. Her eyes were closed, and she was barely alive. The mother was forced to reject her in order to focus on the other stronger puppies.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

Nontawit Vasee, the dog’s owner at the time, became concerned. He gently cradled the struggling puppy and gave her makeshift CPR by blowing air into her mouth and massaging her heart.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

The puppy surprisingly choked up and slowly came back to life.

She was as strong and healthy as her five siblings after six weeks. Nontawit declared her to be his favorite and gave her the name Katy.

(Courtesy of Newsflare)

“I am so thankful that we never gave up on her,” Nontawit said of the incident. She is strong and has a lot of energy.” The man successfully rescued the little puppy and helped her live a happy and healthy life thanks to his quick and caring action.


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