Momma Dog Anxiously Watches Premature Puppies in Incubator–and the Video Goes Viral


It’s instinctual for new mothers to feel the need to protect their young, and that instinct also naturally applies to new puppy mommies. An adorable video shows a concerned French bulldog that gave birth prematurely and is watching over her babies placed in an incubator.

According to Newsflare, who published the clip, the mother dog, Kuma, is a 4-year-old French bulldog from Bangkok, Thailand. The pooch gave birth to three tiny little puppies on April 20, 2019. Alarmingly, the small balls of fur were born prematurely, and the vet had to place two of them in an incubator. Poor puppies! However, the new mom could not stay away from them.

©Video Screenshot | Newsflare

The heartwarming video shows Kuma next to the incubator where the puppies were, up on her hind legs and staring through the glass. What a beautiful show of maternal commitment the mother dog is displaying!

Kuma’s concern is understandable, as a doggy mother’s instinct is to groom, feed, and teach her pups through her actions. Watching her little ones behind glass is probably causing her some anxiety, but she stays by their side as any good mother would. And watching her is incredibly touching.

©Video Screenshot | Newsflare

What makes this even more astounding is the puppies’ father, Sour Pork, who, while not in the video, was sitting on the floor, also looking up at the puppies, offering his own moral support through his presence.

This beautiful story has a happy ending. Later that same day, the pups were taken out of the incubator and allowed to go home to become the newest members of the Yuta family, along with eight other dogs! Now that is one big puppy family!

©Video Screenshot | Newsflare

As for the two puppies that had to spend time in the incubator, the owners said they are doing great. “They’re so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them,” the owners explained, per Newsflare.

Upon being posted on The Epoch Times Facebook page, the delightful video garnered over 70,000 views and was shared over 1,000 times. Many Facebook users expressed how much they enjoyed watching this display of affection from the French bulldog mom.

©Video Screenshot | Newsflare

One comment read, “What a sweet loving mommy watching her babies. It so sad. She loves her babies. God bless the mommy and her babies.”

While another noted, “What a great mama when you’re a mom, you’re a mom that protective instinct is very strong.”

And one user touchingly shared, “This is amazing. I never knew about incubators for animals. Good to find this out. These little guys deserve every chance to survive and thrive.”

Watch the adorable video:


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